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    Im Soo Confused.. I Fell Like I Should Just Walk Up To His Door And Say Hey, How You Been… I Havent Seen Him In 3 Years And Not A Day Goes By I Dont Think Of Him…… Im Now Moving Down The Street From Him.! He Has A Girlfriend.. But Even As Im Writing This I Still Feel Like I Should Just See Him. Please Help Me… 


    i don’t really know as well.. But keeping in mind that you love him that much.. you should avoid seeing him more so that you can keep going.. but if you keep thinking over and over.. you will only get hurt..its crazy i understand.. but its even harder when you get closer or hear his Voice and then by default you know you can’t be 2gther.. not a single person will be able to help you with that .. its either you find someone else and give him that much love.. or just stay away and try to forget..

    Wish you best of luck,


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    I hate WHAT IF !!


    Just do it, walk up to him and declare your emotions and do tell him what he means for you it is your one chance at being honest, but poor girl do not expect the outcome to satiofy you, big chance you were chasing a dream and that you loved the idea of him while he didnt give a second thought about you.. Understand me?


    It hurts to wait and to stop your life for him?

    He might cause you pain waking you up on some harsh truth you never really thought of ?


    The answer is you are in pain so why not make that pain the end of it, no more waiting, I think it is your time to be free of him or with him.


    Good luck (have some faith)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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