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    I am a gemini woman and I have been talking to a Leo man on and off from 3 months. While I really like him I fail to understand what he wants. I feel after every while he tries to restrict himself and retracts back. We got to know each other through a matrimonial website and started chatting on social websites then shifted to texting and phone calls and then he stopped talking to me.. I could feel this sudden decline in his interest.. tried asking him and he replied he wants to take things slowly. Then after a month he approached me and we again connected and this time even skyped.. Every time we connect its a wonderful time. We both enjoy each other’s company.. we used to text all day.. talk on phone whenever possible and skype everyday. After somewhile as the topics of discussion started exhausting and not much was left to discuss without meeting him personally (we havent met personally yet), he again retracted. He suggested couple of times that we should meet and when I planned our trip, he doesnt respond properly. He replies to my text messages and phone calls but there is hardly anything to talk and he doesnt make an effort to to do from his side.. I really like this person and want this to work.. but I dont know what to expect from this situation. I read Leo men take their time to commit and Gemini women jump into stuff very soon.. dont know is this the end or should I wait and drop him a message every now and then.. very confused please help! 

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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