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    Hi there,

    I am a leo.. dating a taurus man. He cam eto know each other through a matrimonial site. and now after 7-8 monthes we started dating each other. jst on 3rd date he apporched me for sex. we shared huggs and kisses but i refused to sex.  I am confused now that he loves me or wants me only for sex???? plz help me… In first two meeting he used to touch me but  casually. i am confused whats going on his mind..


    Are you sure you love him?Because love is always giving and fulfilling. Love has nothing to do with logic, philosophies or fear. Love is a celebration and sex comes along as a natural expression.

    Sex is the only easiest way to get close to a person. Other way is spirotuality.

    Just find Out if he is the right person for you or not. his past achievements, family background, health and happiness and body language will tell you a lot about this person.

    Once you are sure move ahead with confidence and be a part of celebration and have fun. 


    Ok so its totally ok that you did not have sex with him on your third date. If you really like him and you want to have a long term relationship with him, its actually good. Taurus men actually respect when a woman wants to wait before automatically going to bed very quickly. If you go to bed with a Taurus man very quickly it can actually make them lose respect for you because they will assume that you will do this with everyone. Im not saying that you need to wait forever or anything. But it is important for yourself and for any potential relationship that you with this man that you at least wait until you really feel ready and comfortable enough to sleep with him. Him wanting to sleep with you does not mean that he loves you. Sex does not equal love for a man. It is his other actions that will show you that he loves you. When you feel like your happiness is very important to him and that he wants to do things to make you happy and looks at you often, especially when he thinks you dont notice, that is when his feelings of love are growing. Men dont have to have sex with you to fall in love with you. Using sex as a way to make them will usually backfire on you, actually. Some women are able to have casual sex the way men do and some cannot. If you are one of the ones who cannot have casual sex with a man you do not know or care for very much, that is fine. Guys may act upset over it, but actually they will usually respect it. Believe me, it is true.

    He may actually be testing you to see what kind of girl you are, or he may just be very attracted to you and tried to get some just to see if he could. If you are not comfortable yet, dont let him bully you into to it. Just tell him you are not ready yet and you dont feel you know him well enough to at this time. He will respect you for it in the end. hope this helps and let me know how it goes 🙂

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    i love a person truly and madly from the bottom of my heart and want to marry him…..but he says he loves me but if his parents will not allow our relationship in future he will not marry me because he loves his parents….but i cnt live without him i feel so disturbed that i can’t even concentrate on anything else….i dnt know what i will be doing in future if he doesn’t marry me…..what should i do plz help…:’(

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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