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How should I approach “us” without coming across “full on”…HELP

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    Cap guy & Me (Pisces girl) – we have been seeing each other a few months now, started out too fast, couldn’t have been more in LOVE from the get go, honeymoon period over b4 we knew it…..and we didn’t even get to know each other at all, who we are, what we are about, started to drift apart…….anyway after al was said and done, decided to take things slow, exactly that’s all we spoke about – taking things slow…..didn’t actually talk about things.  we have pulled back from each other and do our own thing but I feel when I want to ask him about doing something, I have second thoughts about it as am I moving too fast r am I over-stepping the mark cos we seen each other maybe 2 days before that.  when we are together, it is so natural and we are so comfortable and it feels normal and right, but like dis wknd all good had such a laugh sat nite in my house and sun nite in his.  it’s like we have covered our time together for a certain few days….we both know we are starting out again but we aren’t finding out about each other (how do you do that) we text, small talk, about weather and general same sh** diff day, know we suppose to take things slower this time but what is slower, how do i approach the issue and see when will be a couple, why does it feel he is “shying” away from me after we spent time together. when do I stop worrying where this is going, I know we are on the same page “we want to be together” but there is no plan or we don’t know what each other wants in the long run, we are just getting along and been nice to each other….When will this brick wall come down and we can just breathe and lay it out on the table….I just don’t know how to approach this witout makin it look like that I am on a time clock and are tryin to rush this into somethin further…Does he want me to ask r bring it up…he is quiet, shy and is used to keepin things to himself – confidence and shyness thing i suppose…..HELP…THANKS


    Hi….have an update on my dilema….anyone got a moment, need advise…thanks

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