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Intense attraction toward Pisces Female

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    I went through numerous Astrological Signs compatibility searching for answer to Scorpio’s “Super Attractios” towards a Pisces Girl.

    The very first day I saw her the sparks went on both sides. I can see that innocent attractions towards me in her Eyes. I could not and still cannot resist her thoughts entering in my heart and mind. Where ever I come across her, I skip a heart beat or two. I sense the same with her Because she would break eye contacts between quickly looking away from me. She was supposed to get married on 22nd March 2013 and she calls off. She knows I am in love with her. I have told her numerous time how much I like and love her. My intentions were never to break up her marriage. It happened because she wanted to break it up. In part she is not giving me positive signs if she loves me or wants to get near me.

    My mental and spiritual conditions she experiences mostly everyday I face her. I loose of my self being the minute I see her. What is going on with me? I keep looking at her unknowingly. I feel relaxed, intensely attracted and secured just looking at her. Sometimes she touches me and a shock waves goes through entire body higher than 7,000 volts of lightening strikes.

    The other crucial fact is, she is aware I am married and have two kids. She seems like not objected to it. I am not falling for her because I want to but it happened naturally between us. By the way I am Scorpio, I know my inner self, sometime I feel like I know her inner self also. Many things I know about her that she surprises learning how do I know that?

    i am going through a lots of push and pull Mentally and spiritually. The most disturbing facts of fact is, I am 50 and she is 25 years old. Her family have no issue but my life be devastated in case if this relationship is based on my financial status. I nave tried her on numerous occasions if she wants my money only? But it came back perfectly cleared that she is not out for money. should I seat down talk to her or enjoy her innocent beauty without asking about anything?

    ***Please understand that I am not attracted to her for her young age. Or would she would have been in the bed with me months ago. This is going on between us from last August 13. From August 2012 to March this entire time she had boy friend the one she should get married with.

    ***The other side to this story is, Are we entering or are we already in KALI Age? How could I fall this for? Even when I am far away from her I see her all around me. This never happen with me. Yes, I am not refusing to accept that “I am TOO attractive for the age of 50 years old”. That’s why I am so irresistible to her? She is not any less beautiful but very simple. No jewelry, no make ups or any fancy clothings. 

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