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is this leo man courting me or what

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    This Leo man confronted me when I was 19 in a very public display (while he was on the basketball court). I was too shy to respond to his advance but absolutely was memorized by his approach. I have seen him over the years and each time we have been attracted to each other. But each time he tried to have sex with me basically on the spot. i refused and thought of him as a hoe. I am now 37 and we met again, this time I was like Oh no, we have to make it happen. At first he was calling me and asking me to send him sexy pictures. I wasn’t prepared for this to amount to nothing as it had done so many times in the past so I decided to indulge him, I dressed for him, no panties as requested and he dressed for me, we had a dinner date. He watched every move i made towards him and everybody else. He waited for me to be seated, waited for me to eat, he even waited to see if I would get food for him. I passed the test and we left the dinner in pursuit to have a sexual encounter. I got drunk enough to have this encounter and we ended doing so in his truck. Afterwards, he praised me, your bad… told me we should do this more often and the next day is where i think I made my mistake, i told him the sex was great and i wanted to f*&& his brains out all the time but I want to get back to business. he simply said ok and hasn’t really made any more advances since. I think I hurt his feelings and I think he is making pay for saying that I wanted to stick to business by doing just that! so for 6months he never said anything to me about anything sexual anything between us or anything, just business and seeing if i was going to hold my end of the bargain. so he knows I have to stay around because I put all this effort into the project. We went on a lunch date where he took me to his childhood favorite sushi restaurant, this is after i told him that i would take him out and to pick a place he flipped it on me and told me to pick a restaurant. I picked sushi which happened to be his favorite so I got cool points, i think. he was totally business and then when we left he said, now put those tittes on me, lol asking for a hug. Then one point he says in a expressive tone YOU ARE TURNING ME OFF! this was because I was cursing profusely, and I really didn’t care because i thought I was out the race, but then I realized he was screaming I was turning him off because I was still in on my way out, smh. He told me that he knew I didn’t curse at everybody,demanding his lane and his respect, so I gave it and now if i do curse I say excuse my language. So then after the lunch we’ve gone back and forth lightly communicating mostly when I have to tell him something, but in the intermittent if I wait to long he calls me, we both use our busy schedules as a front, he told me to come to the games he coaches and then goes blank when I try to get there. He never answers texts that I send him that are somewhat seductive. But he’ll answer everything business. I get mixed signals from this guy and I am trying to figure out where we are going with this. He told me when we first got together, I ask alot but I give alot. Ok, I don’t know whether this is all a part of his scheme to get me fully into him or he doesn’t want me around. I am a very public figure and people admire me all the time, Im sure he thinks if he sweats me then he’s going to be like everybody else, but he’s not, i want him and him only. Im too scared to tell him, because i fear rejection and i always complement him every chance I get! if I contact him, he makes sure he gets back in a respectable time and manner, I heard him a few times trying to ask me more and we kind of have been telling each other all the facts about ourselves through casual conversation. So here’s the confusion, just now we had met for an interview i set up for him, he totally postured against the host and showed who was king. he swept me out of the room and let me know im with him, he made calls in his truck and showed me how important he was as he took me past his job and dropped me off, no sexual advances, kiss on the cheek goodbye. Then i have a meeting at his job, he runs me to his office and does all the im in my office stuff and then propositions me there, tells me i need to cover my breast or he is going to come and kiss them, so I pull one out! he comes and kisses it and then tells me to get it in the office. I obliged, we went on about our meeting like nothing happened, it was fun and sexy. So of course im more confused. What was that! later I asked him when he was going to give me my package, he simply said you can have anything you want shaking his head. So now Im still confused, I don’t know if he wants me to chase him, or he’s in a relationship and sticking to it, in relationship waiting for me to break him out, or is simply playing hard to get?

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