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Me: male (Pisces) Her: female (Cancer) were arguing how can we stop ?

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    hi, I’m a male Pisces and my girl is a cancer! We met in halloween of 2014 and begun dating on November 23, 2014. I am very honest to her about my feelings and I will answer what ever she wants to know about me cause I want her to know me and what I have been through Life ! She is very hard to get to opEn up ! I feel in love with her very fast and she says she loves me to which I believe! we always have fun when we hang out especially when we first see eachother it’s like two happy people but the happiest. But for some reason towards when it gets close to the time for me to go or to the end of the night we start to argue over stupid things! mainly cause she or I say something and we take it the wrong way or cause I am a very emotional guy ! I love her very much as I know because of the empty feeling I feel when she is upset and says things like “she is done” and or “she doesn’t love me “! Which I know she does by the way she looks at me and smiles ! How can we of I find a way for her to believe me when I say I love her and get her to not be scared and let herself feel my love ? Everything I read says we are a match I heaven ! And I really can see we could be but we have to stop argueing! We usually argue cause I take something the wrong way cause I’m emotional or cause she keeps her guard up and says hurtful things and doesn’t relieze it ! Any help? Also she says she likes to make me mad cause it’s cute but she leaves me when we argue! I’m lost please help me understand I love her so much !


    As I know Pisces and Cancer from my friends, you are Pisces so I think you are quick to love someone and when you feel not love anymore, you forget quickly too.  Now the thing is Pisces always do the things to get women heart by sometimes buying the things for her, doing everything she like.  I think most of women like the things Pisces do.

    But the thing is Cancer people are always sensitive and i think you need to let time prove your love by still doing the same thing like on the first day you dated with her.  If she really loves you, she will stay with you.  Don’t use your emotion to deal with the problem.  Because Cancer would run away from you easily.  Hope you two keep a good relationship.  


    Dear Pisces Guy.


    i think you both have to just grow up. i dont mean this in a ugly way but i am too with a pisces guy and have been for the past 10 years, i am a sagaterious, and yes he is an emotonal person to a certen exstent but if you guys are going to fight over silly things then rather call it quits, if the bad out ways the good then the reliationship will nt be healthy at all…….. i think yo guys should talk about what you do  and dont like you are both sensitve ppl and that is never a good thing.



    i hope all works out


    Good Luck!!!!!


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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