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My Friend Saw My FUTURE!!!

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    This may be long but please read–my friend told me she saw me with my future husband and daughter at our very beautiful house. She said she was in a bright green pasture when she saw a cute korean little girl playing with flowers. The girl handed her a flower and asked her to play with her. They played but my friend said that the girl should go home cause her parents might be looking for her. The girl said their house is just near and pointed it. my friend asked me what color do I think the house is. I said, hmm, maybe white with brown? She said it was right.

    Then she saw a korean/chinese guy. (I like korean guys anyway. I’m chinese filipino but i dont like chinese guys hehe) He called the girl Alice. And I said I would name my future daughter with a name that starts at A or M. They went inside the house and it was so beautiful, cozy, and bright. Then the guy gave her a juice then she asked where is alice. He said upstairs with her mom. Then I came down the stairs looking so matured and glamorous(lols). We greeted each other like we’ve never seen each other for a long time.

    Alice and her father went out and waved at us by the mirror. It was detailed but I didn’t included everything. My dream house and my dream life was so accurate with her dream and it kinda freks me out. HELP!

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