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my old virgo love

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    We met when we were 18 and 19, we were very happy i trusted him implicidedly i thought he was the one no he was the one. he was so good to me. I never felt threatend to give him his space. We hardly fought but when we did he was more calm then I. The relationship was perfect in every sense of the word his friends loved me his family loved me and we were extremely compatible in every way from the word go it was a love at first sight as I often hear it is between virgo males and taurus females. Then one day after 2 years i felt something was wrong, I came home from a weekend with girlfriends and he called me at his usual time as he always did but for some reason i did not want to answer the phone i felt something was wrong and there was. He wanted to break up said he needed space, a break. Then two weeks later he called to tell me he was seeing someone and that there were mostly friends, he described her as a puppy with a thorn in her paw. Did not understand what that meant. I was ok, with the break up until that, then he started calling me regularly and i was right back in it now it was really starting to mess me up. I was getting mixed signals for several months. The girl even cornered me in a bathroom one new years eve ” claiming that they were just friends, and she confirmed what he had told me earlier that it was only a matter of time before we got back together and that she and him were just temporary” when this came out of her mouth I thought as I always did he was really telling me the truth he still loves me…… months past I waited patiently, then started seeing one i did not really like just to get over the hurt. Then we saw each other at a Frosh week part at a university in london ont, I was with that guy and he was with some girl i had never seen before. When we got back to our homes we called each other. He asked me if i really liked this guy i told him the truth no not at all i am just with him because i need something to get over you. He  then told me that he was not happy either and that we should talk about finally getting back to gether in the spring. The spring came, I was now annoyed i asked to see him so we could talk. I drove all way to his home a 45 min drive. To ask him ok what are we doing here because this is torture. Then the girl the first one that I mentioned, came into the room and said it has been a year why are you still after him. I told her that she has no idea what he and i have been talking about. Then he did something really strange something i have never seen or heard him do, he thretened her and told her to shut up or he would put her head through the wall……?????? I got really mad and said how dare you speak to her that way what are you doing are you serious….he just looked at me….I stormed out I was just so shocked at what just happened. I told him I never wanted to speak to him again. Then two years had past. I started seening someone and got pregnant, decided to keep my baby, he saw some friends at the beach one afternoon and asked how I was my friends told him am pregnant and my friend said he almost fell over it was like he could not believe it she said he was really upset. Then 3 months after I had the baby he called to ask me if it were true that I had a baby, it was like he just called to confirm this. the conversation was brief I told him i was also diagnosed with diabetes a year prior and he said “wow you got pretty sick eh” and that was the extent of it. Then I married my daughters father, not happy completely different relationship his family does not like me I dont like them either they were so very mean to me and are still and I am not kissing up to them it is not necessary. I got married in 2001 October and oddly my old virgo love got married to that strange girl October 2000. The strange thing about October is it was October when we broke up. Now it has been 20years and I am always thinking of him dreaming of him, He promised that we would be together again and grow old toegether now obviously at some point that changed. But why is he still with me in my heart mind and soul. I love him dearly I have never loved anyone like that. He was always a gentelman with me he took care of me he treated me the best his love for me made me feel so comfortable so secure that when he told me he wanted to take abreak it hurt but I felt that I could let him go and it would be ok. Like I said now 20 years later and I am really wondering do you think he thinks of me. Do you think i should find him? Try and make good on this growing old thing….LOLOL we both have marriages and children, and i would never want to hurt anyone honestly but I cannot stop thinking of him. He is the love of my life 

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