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need help cant understand what to do

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    I was in a relationship with a guy for two months and i broke up a month bck i think i really love him cause even after the break up i cant stop thinkin about him..i dnt hav much friends and nothing to do fr three months maybe thats the reason im missing him more..the problem is that he is texted me sorry message after half a moth of the break up bt i cnt understand if i should reply..i really miss him and i feel very we used to tlk all day since a year through messages and now i have no one to tlk to except my 2 besties..i want him back but im scared that again he will behave the same way..avoiding me..nt calling much..nd tlking to many other girls..these were the reasons i broke up plus i made a fake account nd tlked to him as a stranger and he kind of flirted with the fake account nd even ditched to go for an outin with me to meet her even though we were goin to meet him after 2months..wat should i do..reply to his sad all day..i cant live like this anymore 🙁



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