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pisces and leo dilemma

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    Hey guys so I’m in a dilemma. I just met a pisces about two months ago and during the time she was my manager at a retail store. She just moved to New York from Los Angeles and we talked a lot during my time there. During our conversations I put out some feelers to let her now I was interested in her, which she took and returned. Now I had to quit my job because I had to go to Germany for military training and had returned about 5 days ago. The whole time I was there I couldn’t stop thinking about her. So you probably can guess what sign she is since this is about pisces. I’m a Leo who is 8 years younger than the pisces woman I’m interested in. So you are probably wondering what I did to let her know I wanted to date her? Well two days ago I planned something that I thought would melt her heart in letting me take her on a night out in the big city of New York. I had arranged a edible arrangement to be delivered to her at work and along with that box of edible arrangements I had a note attached to it. It said look outside which would be my cue to have my little sign that said would you go out with me? So I executed my plan yesterday and my plans worked to the tee. She was so surprised you should of seen the look on her face. She blushed to the extreme but the thing was she never answered my question… she said we had to talk during her break. So it was her break time and we had lunch together. This is the part where she told me she was in a 11 year relationship. Now at this point I was astonished to find out this information this late in the game. Like she had interest in me when I put out my feelers two months prior to that day. With that aside she told me some other information that makes me feel confused. So she met this guy when they were 17 and had been together since than. The guy is loaded and when I mean loaded like He is a doctor in New York and this family owns the corporation Panasonic. So money isn’t a problem. This is the confusing part she started to compliment me on how romantic I was and wish she was single. She started to say that she was basically in a stick situation where the relationship she is in now has no spark. She doesn’t know what to do because the guy she had been with for this long is a partner her family wants her to marry. Because of this money. Oh correction her mom wants to her to marry him and her father wants her to be happy in life and of course wants her to marry someone who makes her happy. On top of all that her boyfriends side of the family are very Asian culturally traditional. And she doesn’t really get along with the mother and the father. She told me they basically want her to do nothing but be a vessel to bare the child and of course a boy. She even said the father came to visit not to long ago and gave her a book on how to make a baby boy and oh this piece of information just made me want to go to the parents myself and give them a piece of my mind. So basically she has her masters in business very smart and intelligent person but her future in laws were like why? They basically want her to be a person to bare a child and not work and to look pretty.they apparently disliked her getting education. Like why can’t a girl get an education. At this point I didn’t know whether to still pursue her or not. And she continued. She said she doesn’t want to marry anyone for money cause money isn’t important to her. She said the only reason she hasn’t broken everything off is because her parents sacrificed a lot for her and want her to marry him yet what is hold her back is because she doesn’t get a long with the guys mother and cause if she does get in a marriage with the guy she sells away her freedom to do what she wants. She would be the wife who stays home with expensive things and who bares a child or two and has to be the house wife doing laundry,  cooking and etc. I just don’t know what to take in. I don’t know what to do, whether I still pursue her, take her on dates and show her what life has to offer. During our lunch kept comparing me to her boyfriend on how I was way more romantic than him and etc. Like what does that even mean? At the end of our conversation she asked me what my astrology sign was and I said a Leo and then she paid another compliment of how I definitely was a leo and smiled. Like damn… what do I do? I really like her and yet I want to free her from the complex cage she is put in. I really need some advice please let me know on here or email me at thanks everyone for listening.

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