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    I don’t know where to start, but I’m a capricorn woman. Me and my Pisces have been back and forth for a year and some change now. We broke up last March and have been trying to be friends ever since. The reason we broke up was because he wasn’t really ready to commit to me, but we were at one point perfect for each other.

    However, it has been hard for me to be “just” his friend. He sends me mixed signals, sells me false hopes of us getting back together “in the future” but also, he did tell me that he isn’t ready to settle and be in a relationship with anyone because he still wants to have multiple girls. I so badly want to be his friend but my jealousy and ever-lasting LOVE for him does not allow it. We always end up in little arguments. I don’t like to see or hear about him with other girls, and just recently when I called him, a girl picked up his phone and claimed that she was his girlfriend. I confronted him about it and he swears that she is not his girlfriend. But I think he is lying to spare my feelings.

    Anyways, just recently, he made a post on a social network saying “how do you tell the one that loves you that you don’t want them.” I was so hurt by this, and I sent him a long message telling him that I will just leave him alone then since I cannot bare to be just his friend. He sent me a message a day later telling me that I’m wrong for just wanting to be his friend for all the wrong reasons (in hopes of getting back together) and that he thought I was going to help him get established with transferring to a college 10 mins away from the college I attend. I didn’t respond to his message and shortly after he went off and said I will never get anyone because I act like an immature b**ch. This also hurt my feelings.


    I’m so confused with what to do. I don’t know if I should leave his side because of how disrespectful he is or stick it out and help him. I’ve helped him with everything, helped him get jobs, helped him apply to colleges and I’m really the only one he shares his feelings with. I’m just lost as to why he is so mean to me, and why he doesn’t want me. I never did anything wrong by him, and he knows that too. It’s so hard for me to move on, because I just want back what he and I had. But I also just want for him to mature and realize that he may be pushing away the sweetest person that will ever enter his life.

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