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Platonic male friends: Aquarius and Aries. Do we work well together?

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    Im a 24 year old male Aquarius. My best friend and roommate is a 22 year old Aries. I have thoroughly read through the male/female aquarius + aries astrological compatibility reading, and it is rather uncanny how well it describes the relationship of my best friend and myself. We’ve been best friends and partners in mischief for 2+ years now, and while I, the Aquarius, have made great personal and professional strides, my younger friend is still running in place with his own personal and career goals. I have advised him to join the Job Corps., an idea to which he has become very committed  He will leave me soon… how will I fare without him? We have helped each other through many different hardships and scrapes. We have our disagreements but have always made peace. I should add that he is leaving on good terms. 

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