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Price first in the history of the most excited to compete for Celeron certainly

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    <br > the justin verlander won the American League Cy Young Award last year, all 28 1 votes, light young strong cast to david price staged in the history of the most fierce fighting, the final price of a 4-point difference achievements of his career’s first Cy Young Award.

    28 voted by the Baseball Writers Association, price won 14 1,13 2,1 Zhang-section 3 of the votes, score 153 points; verlander scored 13 1 13 2,2 sheets 3 out of 149 points; angel jered weaver by 70 points # 3. The last one a ballot falls to # 5 light Terminator fernando

    rodney body. since the Cy Young Award in 1967 into the National League and American League Part 2, in addition to the 1969 American League Cy Young Award the mike cuellar and denny mclain tied, price and verlander of 4 points behind the AL Cy Young Award in the history of the smallest gap.

    price, said after hearing the news: “This is of great significance for me, it will be important things that I have any me no one can take away. I hope I did not wet clothes, My legs have been numb, I’m emotional. “said

    price wait for the the voted result of pressure and field is completely different:” I used to field the pressure of the secretion of adrenaline, I do not know how to get used to this kind of pressure you can not will get Houston Colts Jersey used to, I will be like many in this situation I am blessed, and it feels really great. “

    performance point of view does a fierce fighting , price in 20 wins, ERA 2.56 were ranked Midland, 205 strikeouts ranked 6th innings 211 Bureau ranked 8; verlander the 239k, innings pitched 238.1 Bureau finished voted 6 games are ranked the United States The associated best ERA of 2.64 ranked No. 2, except 17 wins ranked Midland 5th in.

    2007 draft pick price since promoted to the big leagues in 2008, in 2010, and this year the number of votes of the Cy Young Award in 2010, although sailors underachievement, but felix

    hernandez the The excellent the data beat belongs to the team to the playoffs price; Coincidentally, this time by not playing October contest the price beat Huijun World Series Tiger strong cast verlander.

    verlander trying to become 1999-peat AL Cy Young Award for the title after the first in 2000 pedro martinez the pitcher to Cannian ended the National League Cy Young Award last even Zhuang pitcher is the 2008 and 2009 Giants tim lincecum .

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