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Sagittarius and Pisces Marriage?

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    I’ve been in a serious relationship with my boyfriend for more than a year now and he claims to be completely in love with me. I’m his first serious relationship and his first love. He’s a Pisces, so of course he’s very kind, caring, and romantic.  However, I don’t feel anything special towards him.  Although he means everything to me and I would never want to lose him, I don’t feel like I love him. Recently, he’s been talking very seriously about marriage (he was just stating his feelings, he wasn’t proposing), but I don’t know whether I should marry him. I’m scared that his love will dissapear and that I’ll be left heart broken. I don’t want this to happen, which is why I don’t allow myself to fall in love with him. But maybe I should?
    Regardless, I just want to know if he will always love me and whether I should say yes whenever he proposes?

    Ask Oracle

    Human life is given to us with absolutely no warranties and guarantees. But the best thing is we can choose to create our own great future and happiness.

    Did you notice you are choosing “non-love” over “love” because you are fearful of future and uncertainities that might arise in a relationship. And I must tell you the only reason this relationship will go wrong is because of your own choice to stay closed and non-loving. He too wants to feel your love and affection

    Its perfectly okay if you want a loveless life that’s safe and secure and no one around to hurt you or break your heart. But to me that also means loneliness and grief.

    I am being truthful and straightforward here. He will stay faithful to you as long as you feel love towards him. Its really about you and not about him.

    Say him yes when you really feel you are into him and you are loving to him and rest should go fine. 🙂

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