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Scorpio and a Scorpio

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    Hi, I am trying to date a scorpio women I just met a few days ago, manage to get exchange number(wassapp). But somehow, it’s difficult to make her open up- like her interest/hobbies.. is all secrets~ so mysterious I felt helpless, I am hoping our stars collide. Although the reply is positive somehow, the wait is long, even though she is online, so I find it funny that she normally will wait for an hour or more than half a day to reply my text, it does felt abit of uninterest/agony. Should I break it to her and ask if she is attach/single? and even though she agrees to meet me some day. I have no idea what is on her mind. it’s all in a mess, How can I get in control and be in the lead? 🙁

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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