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Scorpio (man) playing mind games?

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    I`m a Taurus woman.

    I have been seeing a scorpio for a few months and I`m having a hard time trying to figure him out.  (We originally met in a club last year) when we`re together, the connection between us is great. when we`re apart, I don`t hear from him – he`s distant. I try not to call him because I don`t want to look clingy and I read that Scorpio`s need their space. if I decide to go to the club, then we connect again. but I don`t feel this is right especially when he expressed an interest in me  that he is interested in a relationship.  I don`t know if he`s testing me out with his distance or he`s afraid of committing himself or I don`t know what else to think.  His behaviour is starting to hurt me because i really like him and i know that he also likes me. I don`t know if I should have a talk with him and tell him how I feel (about his distance) or would that scare him away?  Has anyone experienced a similar situation with a scorpio man?  OR any scorpio men out there can you give me a clue if he`s playing mind games?                                                                        



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