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The negotiation progress slow Dickey does not rule out when the FA

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    Butterfly ball veteran
    2012 scored 20 wins, and was elected the National League Cy Young Award, ra dickey today (the 12th), said that the metropolis is not 2013 open pre-season to get the extended contract, he almost certainly will enter free market. The now 38-year-old

    the dickey also said, he requirements of the contract price tag is far below the market price for the negotiation progress slow, so he felt depressed and Atlanta Braves Jerseys frustrated.

    postseason several important free agent with market trading can be learned by a paper 100,000,000 $ 47,000,000 contract for the extent of the need of the pitcher, zack greinke signed a 1-year, Dan

    haren National $ 13 million contract, joe blanton joining Angel 2-year, $ 15 million, jeremy

    guthrie by three years, $ 25 million went to the Royal.

    As for The the light put james shields sent Royal, in exchange for outfielder wil myers team farm # 1 and # 5 pitcher jake odorizzi This has triggered controversy that Royal deal paid a big price.

    dickey, said: “When people say that this is a business, rather than personal, pellet, and I hope that the end result is good, but my heart is also worried that this may not occur, That was really sad. “

    ” espn “reported, the two sides for the amount there is disagreement, the Metropolitan mentioned $ 20 million in two years, dickey mentioned the price tag is 26 million in 2 years to $ 28 million between. Regardless of whether the two sides to reach an agreement, Metropolitan does not rule out that at a point in time after signing the deal out. That Metropolitan

    three options: trading dickey signed to extend the contract, to let him enter the free market in the 2013 postseason, the the dickey most want to see is the 2013 open pre-season without a new contract in the body.

    “If they think would be best for the team decided to do it, I am very unfortunate, because this is probably mean that I will not return to San Francisco 49ers Jersey the Metropolitan in 2014.” dickey said. The dickey is also stressed that once the regular season began he would interrupt any negotiation channels. “I’m going to become a free agent, did not want to be disturbed.” Custom Jerseys

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