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The warrior angels transaction Hanson regression favorite

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    Los Angeles the angel announced today (1), they have the back-up right-hander jordan walden to the Atlanta Braves in exchange for right-hander first-mover tommy hanson. Despite hanson performance this year than in the past, but Angel general manager said jerry dipoto, do not have the expected the hanson rebound will be able to help the angel.

    spoke transaction to to hanson, dipoto said: “The ability to exchange only 26 years old, the team can also control a 3-year pitcher, for us, is a very good transaction. This also allows us to entering know the next direction. before the winter meetings our lineup some positions to fill, but this is so that we know more about how it works next. “

    rookie year pay hanson ERA in 21 games starting rate a score of 2.89, ranked No. 3 in the 2009 Rookie of the League of Nations voted. However, the performance of the three years before his career 3.28 ERA this season hanson 174.2 Bureau was belted as many as 27 home runs, ERA jumped to 4.48. the

    Nevertheless, dipoto still said: “I do not think that we must expect him to rebound and he won 13 games, I think to say that he had a disappointing season is unfair his ball every months are stable, our scouting reports initial opinion of him has remained stable in the big leagues, he has voted for four years, and we think he can continue to go to vote. “

    spoke was traded to the angel hanson grew up in California, said: “The first reaction is to feel shock, I was very excited Cheap NBA Jerseys, but I will miss the Warriors teammates. Warriors array there are a lot of great teammates, some of my best friends, so this was a bit disappointed, but I am very excited about my childhood is the Angel fans, where I grew up, there are a bunch of angels fans. “

    Warriors in exchange for, than the the hanson small 1 year-old reliever walden. He is the angel 2011 Terminator, but this year by a shoulder injury plagued, pay out 39 Bureau relay race results ERA was 3.46. the

    Warriors general manager frank wren said: “We were able to make up her own young pitcher starting rotation, we want to strengthen the part, is to add the power pitcher in the bullpen, which in the past few weeks has been the focus when we talk about trading section to find out for our strong reliever the “

    addition to trade away hanson Warriors also today the renewal deadline, decided not to 26-year-old the starting right-hander the Jair jurrjens, 34-year-old back-up right-hander peter moylan renew.

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