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The winning determining breaking 5 into nationals do not care

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    Washington Nationals beat the Chicago Cubs 2, scored this season 82 wins since moving to Washington in 2005, for the first time single-season winning percentage is determined that more than 5 percent. National and this record in mind, because it is more important to them or playoffs Boston Red Sox Jerseys. this pitcher war

    , both starting pitchers matched the Winnie jeff samardzija starting seven innings whirlwind eight strikeouts, only 1 bad, although the downing of 7 hits, but only adam

    laroche in 2 Bureau under hit a solo shot and lay 1 point. However, back-jeff beliveau next up in the 8th inning a bryce harper ryan

    zimmerman knock hits, which the zimmerman doubles with an RBI. the

    National starting the pitcher ross detwiler equally pitched seven innings, threw three strikeouts three times four bad, the Cubs batters only hit his hand out four hits, failed to capture the scores. The relay drew

    storen also 1 scoreless innings performance. Although the Terminator tyler clippard in nine innings on two hits anthony rizzo welington

    castillo, lay the points, but ultimately nationals still 2 to 1 victory.

    the National season 82 wins season winning percentage is determined that more than 5, since moving to Washington in 2005 after the first time. Washington before a winning percentage of more than 5 percent of the team, the 1969 Washington Senators (now the Texas Rangers). Asked noted that these records, the gross national coach davey johnson said: “I guess I did not pay much attention to these.”

    Nationals won two of the major league season 82 wins team, record the current home of Major League crown to 6.5 game margin of victory in the National League East-leading, have the opportunity to make the playoffs, the 1933 Washington Senators (now the Minnesota Twins), Washington’s first branch broke major league teams for the playoffs. It comes to the performance of the national, zimmerman said: “We have not really achieve what achievements, and we look forward to more important Jersey Big Size56-60 Jersey things.”

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