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What is a sagg to do ?

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    about 4 or 5 years ago I met a Libra boy. I was young, but still felt as though I loved him, as us sagg ladies are very loving creatures :)

    well throughout the years I’ve known him, we’ve broken up because he’s tried to fix things with the mother of his daughter, or he’s just been a complete jerk and acting like a normal teenager would I guess. I’ve always been mature for my age and just never wanted to deal with that shit. last year I dated a Pisces guy and fell so in love with him. Our relationship seemed perfect for the moment we met, but one day he just changed his mind and decided I wasn’t important to him anymore. It really broke my heart. A few months later my libra guy comes back again. It’s been a few months since then and its so odd, we are both 20 now and he is such a different person. We are developing a close friendship we never had before.  He tells me I’m beautiful, he never wants to be with anyone else, he cooks me breakfast and lays in bed with me all day. Before he used to complain when we went out and did things because he was bored but now hes just happy to spend time with me. He bought me a $4,000 ring that he said was a promise ring but I said that’s engagement ring money. he tells me it doesn’t matter because he will hold it until I’m ready. I love him, I don’t know if I could fall IN love with him again.But at this point, this sagg girl is looking for something new and exciting. Could my libra man go back to his old indecisive ways or should I just give it a try and see how things work once more, since this time is so different for us ?
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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