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    ive been with my partner since i was 16 im now  24 and we have 3 kids together we fight constantly i just dnt kno wht to do anymore please help

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    Clearly, you both are young adults and love is something they don’t teach at schools and colleges.

    It starts with self-love, accept yourself the way you are and you are perfect as you are. Pay attention to your own needs and take good care of your body.

    You are only responsible for your half in any relationship, so you can and you should go ahead and fix whatever you might be contributing in fights and arguments. Let your partner fix their half and give them some time.

    Take up some health program and soon you’ll start feeling better.


    chani15: Being in a relationship is about communication. Keeping those lines of commiunication open between each other. Being in a relationship takes efforts on both parties involved. Working together as a team. All relationships has it’s ups and downs and some relationships take more work than others.

     Getting to the root of the problem of what causes the arguements and disagreements. Whether it’s money, your children and how to discipline them or issues in the inner family circle discussing the problem and coming to a resolution and moving forward.

     Having a healthy relationship is important because it isn’t just yourself and your partner anymore there are 3 children involved. Also, when arguing or having disagreements avoid having them in front of your children. Go somewhere where you are alone to discuss your problems quietly and rationally.

    You may even find beneficial going to counselling for the both of you to help heal your relationship and learn to talk through your problems in a rational and healthy manner.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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