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What’s the difference between and immigration lawyer and an immigration consultant?

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    I want to know about immigration consultant. Please give me more information.


    My boyfriend and I have not found that lawyers are less interested in money. And it is stupid to think that anyone who provides a service does not want to be paid for his work. We have been contacting a few. When we called a lawyer they were always abrupt and would not give us time even on the phone, their hands were immediately out for money even before they know the littlest bit about our situation. We tried easyfiancevisa cause it was cheap. we got what we paid for. They just let you type the answers at their website, then print out the forms. We could have gotten the forms for free and just typed the answers ourselves and saved the hassle. My bf had a few questions and he called easy fiance many times. They would not return our calls or answer questions. We finally gave up. the money we spent was wasted. My boyfriend has asked for the money back, but again we get no replies. We found one guy who was very patient on the phone and talked with my boyfriend. So we are starting over with him. Not an attorney but he knows his stuff, and he answers the phone, or returns our calls. Here you will get more information about immigration lawyers.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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