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Where do see this relationship going

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    I’m in a 6yr relationship with someone that I’m not to happy with. We broke up recently for 3 months, and got back together for about 30 days and he got arrested. Before that things seem like they were changing a little but not enough.Now that he’s incarcerated it’s in my head why did I go back to begin with. Ive been chatting with someone I met on a website, we met and the sparks just flew, atleast I know for me, it seems like for him to, I’m just like it seems to good to be true. We talked about our outside relationships and it seems we were both honest with each other atleast I know I was. I really like this guy and I’m just wondering what should I do about my entire situation. I’m nervous about what the outcome is gonna be, or if I’m gonna make the wrong desicion.


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