How to deal with an Aquarian whose been hurt

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    I’m Pisces male, and my wife is Aquarius. She has been cheated on in every relationship she’s ever been in, so it’s affecting our relationship, even though I’ve demonstrated complete faithfulness, and she does trust me.  How can I help my wife overcome her pain from the past so we can move forward?


    for me , I had to completly start over and remove past hurt from my thinking completly or it like haunted me, it will be hard but I would just qut letting it bother you and she will eventually move on. The more you react the more it will weigh on her mind, probobly keeping it around longer, if that makes since


    Do something romantic!!!! And do something NO ONE would do to gain her trust you are going to do something very clever. An aquarius loves surprises and loves surprising. Gain her trust by proving you not those men. You are her husband. She can lean on you and you lean on her.


    to know all im also aquarius ..

    i am very irritable……..

    but speaking about love im sweet..but

    my partner ..i cannot understand…

    he is a Pieces.. ..  


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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