Aries and Aquarius

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    What the future


    I am aries female and my boyfriend is aquarius. We are in long distance relationship, but so far so good. I dont know about him, but I felt instant attraction. Probably more to his personality then looks. He is smart, interesting, has cool ideas, funny, calm and rational. When we first met it just felt like we just clicked together. We would finish each other sentences/ interested in same topics/ have same sense of humor and etc. Btw he is the only person who can calm my fiery aries nature. He balances me out and it just feels really easy with him…


    The only complaint that I have is sometime he seems a bit cold or detached. I am so patio ate, and romantic. I wish he would his emotions more easily. He did tell me that he has few heartbreaks in the past but that he trusts me completely. Also, that both of us are independent and love freedom, he has my trust and I have his, thats enough for me. I am not the jealous or controlling type, he can have as much space as he needs. He started talking about having family together, a house, kids and etc. Tells me that I am the one and that he wants future with me. But honestly I dont know, I read that when aquarius says things like that they mean it, because if they are not serious about someone they would not be talking about long term future plans. Honestly, I dont know, because it is a little bit hard to tell in ldr. but from the other side if he wasnt thinking about it, he would be telling me about it. We ll see, after two years we will be leaving together so… by the way I am sooooo inpatient, I dont know if i ll survive this hahahhaha 🙂 typical aries! He tells me that he misses me but to him it is all worth it because he made his choice. What do other aquarius guys think?


    I was in a relationship with an Aquarius and it didn’t work out very well for me. He’s mind was always somewhere else even when he was with me. Always daydreaming. Trying to avoid arguments was always a challenge. He always wanted to be right instead of just listening to what I had to say. Wishing you good luck

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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