Aries girl wondering abt this Capricorn guy

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    So I am really into astrology, and I know it adds up (don’t need the don’t judge based on sun sign stuff answers)

    So this cap guy has been trying to get my attentuon for 5-6 months now, and becuse I have been involved with some other guy I didn’t give him the light of day until recently when I dumped the other guy.

    So veeeery quickly he has become very dependant on our daily contact, seeming clingy and needy and jumps to conclusions if I don’t reply within 30 min. He seems to care lot bt me, if I’m well, if i get enought sleep etc etc.He said that I am the kind of girl he’d fall very easily for, I am starting to think we’re already there. He also don’t seem to have much previous gf experience, given he is 3 yrs older than me. He said this is due to him being shy and working too much.

    The thing is, spite of my bestfriend being caprixorn, all I ever heard AND seen from these creatures are distant, moody, manipulative, violent, blaming others, cheating and lies abd then crying after the above hs been done..I have 8 friends and family members that has been treated this way by malw cap, so it’s bot just hear-say. But my cap don’t fit in there I feel..or am I just hoping since this is related to my happiness? 

    I am also taken by how similar our attitude in general is. He is positive (for a cap that is ) and shares alot of my optimism. Same crazy humor which he compliments me alot for..same drive and determination, he abit more than me. Both stubborn and conpetitive, again he more than me.And same relaxed outlook on things..I never thought cap and aries could share much of the same qualities, but thinking abt it we are both cardinal and dominnt so maybe that’s why. Then again I have always hd lot of earth friends all my life. Although I identify as typical aries, I go very well with all earth signs.

    Only earth in my chart is Venus in taurus. Mars in aquarious and a sagittarius ascendant..Don’t know his yet but must be some aries there i guess 🙂

    Could this be be of the good cap guys I sometimes hear of? I always promised myself to stay away from cap men after all the betrayal I had witnessed with other cap men.


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