In need of help! Taurus man broke down my armour.

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    Need some serious advice preferbaly from a taurus man… I am an aries woman, falling for a taurus man.. well I’m afraid I fell for him the moment I met him. There is something different about him and with him being alot older I feel I dont have any control in whatver we have and he holds all the strings…he is hot and cold, one minute he likes me and he is jealous of me and the next we dont talk for two weeks.. is there something wrong with me?? I constantly communicate with him and ask him why he is such an idiot about things and then we argue which happens ALOT! But I cant help but want him.. he is all I think about and I normally pride myself in being a strong woman who walks away from men at the drop of a hat. Why has this man in particlar broke down my walls? when all he does is make me feel down.. I know the answer is too cut all strings but then when i go to he pulls me back by saying just a little thing to keep me hanging for another month or so… someone help, I’ve read just about every page and so many people have the same problem why do I feel I can be different?
     I’ve never had this issue with any other sign.. but I literally go from the lamb when it comes to him…


    plays with u bcuz u allow it. think bull… they like to be ignored. get cute and treat him lke shit! sad but true. never chase a bull!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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