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How would you describe your relationship?

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    Describe the relationship you have with your partner
    e.g: how your partner treats you, how you interact

    Ask Oracle

    I will describe the best romantic relationship I had – It was awesome and a healing/wonderful experience. There was trust, compassion, care and real feelings for each other. There was open communication about things and discussions were rather intelligent. There was exchange and certainty. We never had any argument or conflicts. I enjoyed her company and she enjoyed mine. It was peaceful for me. She adjusted to my life style and I adjusted to her’s. If I would say do not do that thing, she would never do that. Same with me. We matched each others expectations and fulfilled each other’s needs. It continued for 2 years and was a great experience 😀
    ………. and then one day, I discovered she was seeing this other guy too and that day things fell apart. But it did not hurt much because the experience was very fulfilling!!

    The other relationships I had were terrible, full of fear, confusion and total lack of trust and integrity. I learned from them and the final lesson is — Leave behind everything that’s ugly and not working. Move on to other good things in Life.


    My relationship with her beautiful. I was so in love, when just being together and holding each other close and looking into her beautiful eyes and feeling what real love was, what life was about. Nothing made me more complete knowing i had her by my side, she truely made me happy. We really had something special between us, her compassion, loyalty, strength, and unwithering support for me in our 4 years together made me realize today that she was truely the most special woman I have ever had the blessing of getting to share life with. I miss her so much sometimes. I wish i could have been a better husband to you because you deserve someone to treat you like the princess you are. I hope the man you have now loves you the way our love once was. 


    I had a very on again off again relationship with my cancer women.  She was very giving and and considerate but the temper and mood swings drove me to back up.  Sex got better and better with time but after we got engaged a lot of the exciting things stopped?  I think that due to me backing up when her temper and moodswings would flair up, made her feel unwanted and after 2.5 years I found she had been cheating on me.  Soon after the break up she flue accros the country to sleep with a total stranger she met on line.  So when our relationship was good it was great.  When it was bad it was awefull.  Lots of good strong love between us just she wasn’t getting the attention she needed to stay faithful and I wasn’t getting the effection and calm temperment i needed to want to stay together.  If we could do it all over again knowing what I know now about a cancers personality.  I think we would get married and have the best time ever…


    Well im a cancer lady talking to a libra guy. This is my second time dating a libra guy. I would say libra men are very caring of the woman they llike. This one im talking to now, just feels like hes the one for me. I think deep down inside i love him just because he  has everything i look for in a guy, and hes sweet and easy going. Also makes me laugh..And hes voice sounds so sexy lol. but the paragraph above, where he was talking bout she wasnt getting the attention she needed from him, so she cheated.. that is sooo true,, me being a cancer if you dont show me the attention i need, i get it else where.. it really doesnt matter from who but i will get it..


    anywho i plan on growing old hopefully with this guy and moving up in life with him.. hope the best of luck for  everyone else.


    @lilcancer10, @heckler and @libraforlove, all of your posts are so true. When Crab women don’t get attention at home or with a significant other, SOME (note well please) of  us go outside for that attention and love.,as in heckler’s case. I was with an Aries man: good guy, very blunt and aggressive, and that didn’t sit well with me. Started speaking to a Libra guy, and we clicked. He is very re- assuring, caring, sensitive and listens to me. I nurture him, make him comfortable and happy. We do have our little disagreements, but as soon as Crabbiness sets in, he soothes me back to love and tenderness. All in all for me, it’s a good match. Hope you guys encounter your true loves>>>>:)

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