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    I will try to keep it brief but I would hate to leave out any details that could help me understand my cancer guy. ok, met him 10 months ago through a mutual friend, we were just friends as I was in a 12yr relationship, he just got out of a 2yr relationship. he asked me for some advice from time to time in regards to relationships. I developed an attraction and coyly let him know to which he said the feeling was mutual. we got together for coffee a few times when he was in the city as he lives in another city. we cuddled but never went past it, told I was in no place to return any feelings as I didn’t want him to feel or develop any, I didn’t want to lie to him, I have always been honest with him. I did end up leaving my 12yr but I told my cancer guy I wasn’t leaving my ex for him, again I was being honest and did not want to lie. turns out he was seeing another girl that I found out about, I asked him if he was seeing her, not that it really mattered but I just wanted to know, he said no she is just a friend. we had an argument he stopped talking to me for 2 weeks, within that 2 weeks I then found out that he was in a relationship with her, no biggie. he texted me after 2 weeks to which I just kept it civil, asked about his girlfriend and he said he broke up with her. I kept the convo light and airy, towards the end he admitted that he would never find another woman like me and that I scared him because I knew things about him that he didn’t even know about himself. left it at that. I had feelings for him but I didn’t let him know. he texted the next day, small talk. I asked him if he still had feelings for me he said that he did but had to let them go, I will admit that kind of stung, but oh well. I asked him if he could do a fwb’s deal, he said he could and asked if I could without bringing any of my feelings into it, well of course I said I could(ya right). we had another argument in between the times we were intimate didn’t speak to each other for a few weeks. of course being back on again he left to work on the ice roads for a couple of months. we didn’t speak much because of the lack of service so far north. as they say “absence makes the heart grow fonder” of which mine did. I wrote him an email telling him how I felt and that if he didn’t feel the way I did or ever could to be honest with me and tell that and that we could just go back to being friends. he came back we texted each other for a few weeks of which no mention of my email, I asked if he read it, he said yes and what did I want because he didn’t want a relationship, I told him in the email and over text that I didn’t either. needless to say fight no.# 3 didn’t speak for a month. I initiated contact as it was always him who would after our disagreements. he answered and we have been intimate since and it’s like we just picked up where we left off, I must say I am feeling pretty good since I got out what I was feeling but here is the kicker, we both don’t want a relationship, well I do just not right now, I feel we still need to really get to know each other . but he has went from limited text conversations to more in-depth ones and has actually started calling me on the phone and our conversations have lasted a couple of hours, he even called me 3 times in one evening…he introduce me to his brother? as a gemini gal I am at a loss to his behaviour, btw don’t know if this makes a difference I am older than him by 13yrs to which he said he doesn’t care about my age…so if any cancer man or woman could shed any light on this I would be so grateful, I have never been involved with a cancer man and it really is quite confusing…thank you

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