Capricorn Girl and Virgo Guy

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    So this guy is my best friend and i have these amazing feelings for him but im scared to tell him…..knowing i am a straight-foward being and being rejected before, and also knowing the good compatibility between a Virgo & a Capricorn, what should i do…….


    I too have an amazing Virgo guy friend. They are very easy to talk to, not to mention intelligent and funny too! You need to tell us a few more details though. Has he given you any indication that he likes you more than a friend? For example: complimenting you, always arranging the catch-ups, etc. If he doesn’t feel the same way as you do, you risk losing the great friendship you have with him. Also, what kind of emotional baggage does he have, in terms of past relationships? Sometimes all you need is patience and to just wait it out (if you’re in the early stages), even though I realise that us Capricorns tend to want to control the pace and direction of the relationship. Otherwise, since you too have such a great friendship together, how about just going with the flow and seeing what happens down the track?

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    Well he is also a very nice and intelligente guy, and he is younger then me by a couple of months. He always manages to find me and sits with me during lunch at school and we always talk, most of the time we have friendly arguements…..and thats just the thing i cant really tell if he likes me or not (i might just be dense) but all my friends say that he probably does like me since he always manages to find me and by the way he acts towards me. I’m trying to go with the flow but being a capricorn makes me very, how would you say, impatient with the flow of things (like you say i kinda wanna be in control of the situation which i always can’t be)


    The difference of a couple of months for the age aspect shouldn’t present a problem, but should in fact make you feel closer to eachother, since you’ll be able to relate a lot in terms of life, school, etc. But that’s very cute how he tends to spend a lot of time with you at school! 🙂 The fact that he chooses to spend more time with you, rather than his mates, is a massive sign that he cares about you and wants to be with you. I know from experience that that is a good sign. In terms of the friendly arguments, is it just teasing eachother? As long as he doesn’t critisise you or use private, personal things against you and it’s just friendly like you mention, that’s fine. Haha, yes I know what you mean regarding wanting to control the pace and wanting to know if you’re official or not. The only advice I can give you about that, is that in my experience where I have tried to ask whether we are gf and bf, it backfired (the guy was not interested in commitment) but my point is, is that if he seems to be treating you as if you’re his girlfriend, take the situation as it is. Pay very close attention to his actions more than his words too. I would also try to go out together and be around eachother more outside of school. I would also be careful about what your friends say, just incase they’re jealous. I have had friends who I considered to be trustworthy, try to interfere with my last relationship and that’s why you should listen to your gut instincts and go by a trustworthy person (i.e. family member), rather than go by what your friends think. Sometimes they do not always act in your best interests, so just be cautious there. The other thing to consider is trying to find out as much as possible about eachother – like he’s your best friend, but how well do you know eachother? I mean, what is his home situation like, is he going through a tough time, etc. Try to enjoy the dating phase for as long as possible though.
    All the best and I hope you two work out! 🙂
    Laura. 🙂

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    Thank you so much for the advice 😀 so much has been going on and im really starting to wonder if my friends are really people i can trust with these boy issues 🙁 they keep trying to pull me away from him now that he sits with me regularly they either say come on dont leave me or something of the sort like its like they r starting to get annoyed with it….as if i give all my attention to him…(which i dont) thx for the advice once again 😀


    No worries! 🙂 Glad I can be of assistance. Yeah, that’s what I was afraid of happening. You see, I’m a firm believer in striking a balance between spending time with both my boyfriend and my friends, but if your friends are trying to seperate you from him, or complain about you not spending enough time with them, be really careful! If you’re a good friend, you won’t meddle in other people’s business – especially their love life. It’s ok for them to give friendly advice that has your best interests at heart, but if you sense jealousy, I would kindly tell them to stop getting involved. Or, you could suggest that you’d like your privacy when you spend time with him and then afterwards you can hang out with them…good friends will understand and give you your space. I have a best friend who I can talk to about my bf, but who won’t actually interfere or become jealous, because we respect eachother enough not to get involved in that kind of drama. She is also a very loyal person when it comes to relationships. Seriously, any girl who does otherwise, or tries to convince you that he is no good, is not your friend. It can demonstrate to you how ‘loyal and respectful’ your friends actually are towards you too. How does he react towards your friends? And has he asked to hang out with you, outside of school yet? Again, I would seek mutual support or advice from a family member or a really, really close friend (I mean someone who has been there for you and perhaps someone who is in a relationship themselves).
    Good luck hun! 🙂

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    We can’t really hang-out outside of school because we live in different cities (we got to a magnet school which is like 20 -30 different big cities all together) but he is always nice to my friends……even if they r completly weird XD and i have been seeking advice from my dad and some what my mom but mostly my dad and even my sister XD.

    Now back to the friend thing, my friend, she always complains after i hang out with him, that i dont talk to her when im with him, and its just like i talk to u every day afterschool, and at home on watever it be facebook or skype…….i only talk to him during lunch and our 1 class together……soo i feel like she is trying to get me away from him becuz i mostly spend time with him during lunch and such………and like she got mad at me for not talking to her yesterday…and i was like u were reading a book i wasnt going to disturb you…and just silly crap has started to happen O.o its so crazy……


    Nonetheless, it is good that he shows respect to your friends (is not nasty to other girls), which indicates that he is being himself around you. Fantastic! It’s great to get different perspectives and opinions on the situation from people you can trust, that way you can ensure that you’re not seeing everything (including any red flags) through rose-tinted glasses. 🙂 Yes, I would trust your instincts on this one with regards to your friend. If she is feeling too left out (like the third wheel in this situation), I would suggest that you talk it out with her. Firstly, she needs to understand that you only get a limited time to spend with your guy, so she needs to respect that. Secondly, if you spend every other time of the day with her, then I don’t see the point of her argument. Just make sure that you are striking a balance between spending time with your friend and your guy. If you two have been really good friends and have only started bickering since you met this guy, make her understand that you haven’t abandoned her and that you still value your friendship with her. Hopefully she’ll see that you still care about her and in return respect the time that you spend with your guy.

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