Do Capricorn women confide to a person easily

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    Im a 25yo male aries and met this 30yo female cappy in an online game and we are from the same guild/clan so we talk to each other everyday. She has a bf who is currently working overseas which I am aware of cuz i asked her. 

    We connected immediately and she started calling me her Boo. Flirting began and 1 week later, she shot me down saying that it was fun while it lasted and reminded me she has a bf and we should remain as friends and I agreed.

    Then I came this website and learnt alot about cappy women. 

    If I asked her any personal question , she will give me a direct answer. Although its small stuff like he fave color, her first and middle name etc. 1 week ago, she started telling me how she would like to go to church on sunday and there after spend time with her family. Then she told me about her bf who was supposed to be away for only 1 year and turned out to be 3 years and hes still there. She told me that he wanted her to see him and she did not want to go there. She kept telling me that she wants to be near family. I said to her was “Its been 3 years so hang in there”. She stopped the convo. 

    If she whispers in me i chat and I dont answer, she will ask me if I am chatting with other women. She tells me about her day or who she is chatting with without me asking. I am currently in Singapore and she is in the US. But she knows I am going to be working in the states in less than 2 months. She is aware that I am a hard worker and always tells me to sleep/rest.

    I have seen her pic cuz its on the guild forum and she has seen mine cuz I posted my family pic with my cousins and all.

    Shes an enigma. Im still thinking what to do. 🙂




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