Always fall for Cancers!

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    I am a Gemini woman who has had two serious relationships in my life one for 14yrs and one a couple of yrs later for a year both with cancer males. Now I have fallen in love with another male crab But this time the intensity is beyond anything I have ever felt before. We have never touched no physical contact it’s all on an emotional and mental level the connection we have is unreal. I work with this man and he has a partner but we speak or txt everyday, he is aware of how I feel and has not backed off from me if anything we have become closer. I’ve tried to distract myself, I’ve tried to date other men, I asked him to tell me he doesn’t want me and he refused to tell me on the grounds that he didn’t like being told what to do! should I hang in and stick with this friendship or am I going to get hurt? I have never felt love like this in all my life, he has encompassed me help!!


    i am a cancer woman that is strongly attracted to gemini men;) and my advice (being a cancer myself) is to distance yourself enough for the crab to make a decision that isnt reflected off of his jumbled emotions; but rather his head and heart. We may act like we know what we want but in matters of the heart we have some decision making difficulties. If he is truly interested he will make it known by commiting or even leaving his partner. Don’t get mixed up in the cancer man’s uncertainty and flirtatious ways. Maybe go a day without texting him and see his reaction!=) good luck.

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    I am a Gemini I have never been with a Cancer. I get along with them well for as I have a daughter and 2 sisters who are Cancer’s and a mother in-law and have a few really good friends who are Cancer’s. I can say this Cancers are really good friends.


    Be cearfull with cancer. from my experience i can tell that cancer like to hold  its partnner close all the time and to keep wachfull eye on its partner.  being frieds with cancer is best option for you and not to get emotionaly hurt in proces. best option for you is to try to try to be with    another gemini,sagitarious,aries or libra…


    I am a Cancer woman and I have always been attracted to Gemini men. 😉 There is something about them. They are so full of life, funny, intelligent, charming, optimistic, easy going, flirtatious, open minded…

    I would like to date a Gemini man <3




    i am in love with a gemini woman ,she really touched me, the match is great, i am aware of who i am and that really helps, my honesty gave me what i needed, and i would do anything for her without any of the negative things that come with our sign. It may help my sun is in gemini also,,i am not going to agree or disagree. But yes we smile evrytime we see each other and can talk for hours. the other things we do—omg



    I am a gemini woman and as for your newfound awareness, of how your gemini lover has really touched you, I have to say I can’t blame you for falling for her. Being a gemini I know we can be quit charming & completly irressistible. Let me just say that any comments I may leave on this page, come from a real place of curiosity and concern, for you, so that you may better understand that how your feeling is totally reasonable and shouldnt be looked at as a bad thing. As in all matters of the heart, we win some…we loose some.  Go with what your heart is telling you or trying to tell you. Sometimes we have to be still just to hear what we can’t see, if that makes sense to you. Hopefully your gemini woman is as patient and understanding of her cancer man(that would be you I’m refering to) and if you can both learn to adapt to one anothers different moods at different times cause trust me when I say when she is feeling up(high) you will probably be feelind down(low). But why should you let the geminis fidgety, restlesness put you in a state of despair or agitation. What she needs is for you to be patient with her, kind of in the way you’d expect her to be patient with you when your in one of your “crabby” moods. Just a little food for thought Mr. Crab. and my personal opionion & this is the stars speaking, not me, she is just as hopelessly devoted to you as you u are to her. Grow from this and place her above everything else you got going for you in your life, right now, place her on a pedastol so to speak and she won’t be able to resist your chivalry acts or boyish charm. She’ll surrender to the comfort she gets with her Cancer man & when she rests her head on your shoulder at night, her somewhat restless head, she”ll cling to you like a child needing protection & I promise you…somewhere in the dark, next to you, she’ll find that protection she so desperatley has been seeking, and her dreams will be more pleasant n sweet, because of “you”! U got alot 2 smile 4…just saying! xoxo <3 Ms. Lady$$Luck 

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