Should i wait for Gemini guy to approach me?

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    I am a Gemini female and unfortunately keep falling in and out of “love” 🙂 Am reposting this question in the Gemini forum, hoping for help!

    Anyway, i recently met a Gemini man whom i find really attractive – intellectually and emotionally. I can sense that he finds me intriguing too, but it took him quite a while to even notice my presence – something i’m not used to! This despite my making attempts to talk to him a couple of times. He started noticing me only after i gave up on my attempts of making friends with him.

    Now, this man doesn’t live nearby, and it’s unlikely that we’ll easily run into each other. The only way i can see any progress happening here is if i actively seek him out. Tell me, would that backfire on me? After all, i suspect Geminis lose interest when things come to them too easily! I would appreciate any advice from Gemini men out there. Or anyone at all, as I just can’t make up my mind!


    Yes this will backfire. Sorry if that’s not what you wanted to hear.

    Happiness comes first. Self love comes first.

    Even if you become friends with him, whenever he is busy with his own things or not able to give you attention that you expect might bring in feelings of rejection and resentment. Something that’s not Love.

    But when you are happy and glowing like a flower, these things take a backseat and you can enjoy every moment. That’s Love.


    Thanks, arpit123, for your response. It’s good to know that someone reads these questions! And your reply was somehow calming. 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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