the benefits of barefoot running

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    the benefits of barefoot running “We expected that impacts would initially be higher in the minimalist shoe than the standard shoe in the first minute of nike free run 2 damen. After 10 minutes of running, we expected the reduced cushioning of the minimalist shoe would cause heel discomfort, resulting in a less inclined foot at foot strike, perhaps even a midfoot strike pattern. We then expected a likewise reduction in impact forces. Obviously, our results were completely counter to what we hypothesized.”nike free run 3 damen Willy said that he and Davis used the Free instead of a more barefoot-style shoe, such as the Vibram Fivefingers, because of the popularity of the Free and its positioning as a transitional shoe for runners looking to switch from conventional trainers to barefoot-style running. “These nike free 5.0 damen are widely marketed to the general running public to closely mimic a barefoot running experience to gain many of the benefits of barefoot running, i.e., reduced impact forces, without the increased risk of foot injury due to road debris,” Willy wrote. “Due to the popularity of this shoe type and industry claims, we felt that it would be an interesting study. “Another major reason why we wanted to study this type of shoe is that clinicians often prescribe this type of shoe to patients who are recovering from an impact-related injury to encourage a reduction in impact forces during running. Our findings suggest that this practice may not be advisable, at least in the short term.” It’s important to keep in mind that the runners in this study were unused to minimalist nike free 5.0 v4 . It’s possible that, over time, they might have altered their form in the Frees to lessen the increased impact forces Willy and Davis measured.

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