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    hello, let me tell you that my sister’s company is looking for professionals who can develop personalized artificial intelligence software since the company is in urgent need of it, they have contacted several companies but none have convinced them, that’s why I wanted to ask here. Does anyone know any reliable company or company that can be hired?


    Half a year ago I needed a (bot) for my program, I found a server on the Internet – which was engaged in the development of bots, agreed with them for money, sent them all the data of my program, they supplied me (a bot), and so – this bot turned out to be too active and constantly appeared where it was not needed and therefore slowed down my program, I had to remove it. Before contacting any server, carefully make sure that there are really good programmers there, otherwise you will simply lose money and there will be no desired effect…


    You probably hit on a beginner single programmer, now programmers make a lot of money, and there are a lot of beginners in this area – who think that they have already learned everything, but in fact they still have to study and study. Before contacting any server, carefully check it, a normal server has several employees and not one. Loners make a website for themselves and those who turn to them become victims…


    I think that you need to use the services of professional programmers https://www.dataart.com/industry/retail-and-distribution/machine-learning-artificial-intelligence-ai-ml-retail who will do machine learning. Since artificial intelligence and machine learning can mimic the work of the human mind, helping to improve business efficiency. It is necessary to move to a new level of digital transformation and improve your business.


    artificial intelligence and everything that surrounds it is something that I am very passionate about, I swear, going back to the subject, there are many companies dedicated to the development of artificial intelligence and artificial technology dedicated exclusively to companies of any size, try to contact one of I’m sure they can help you.


    As the comments above say, before hiring a professional remember to check how professional they are, there are many who are beginners and pretend to be professionals, remember to check their reputation well, the comments of their clients and above all to see the quality of their works, good luck with everything


    Hello. I can recommend you excellent Java developers – promising guys and professional programmers from the java script online help GetCodingHelp.com in which I ordered the preparation of my programming homework. I needed to finish a course project, but I couldn’t handle it. Therefore, I turned to this service for help, handed over the terms of reference, and after a couple of days, everything was ready. The final version was emailed to me. Go to the site and contact the manager. He will answer all your questions. Good luck.


    This would be great. Thanks for sharing this information.
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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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