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    i broke it off with my leo guy 2 weeks ago. when i broke it off i explained that he didnt want what i wanted. So then he wanted to buy me something and i said no thank you. You dont have to do that. He says we just arent together but we can still love each other forever and look out for each other. I said i dont need another friend. I have plenty of those. I wanted to be in a realationship with you.  The reason i said no thank you is becuz i feel like why continue to do things like we are in a relationship (ex. Buying things, going places) and we are not?So long story short. He has been an asshole to me. And i asked wtf? He says tonight “well u hurt my heart when u turned down my friendship” “u ruined that and F’ed up the feelings” i told him when im mad at him my anger is for a short time becuz i love him that much. But all he said was “yep”.  i truly dont understand why he is so pissed. I explained my point. What should i do? Say to heck with it? Or wait out his tantrum and still be his friend? (Im am aqua girl. Its been 3 plus years we were together)


    wow…just a shout note to say thanks to Dr.Ekaka email: ekakaspelltemple@yahoo.com for the love spell he did for me last 2 weeks ago i really can’t believe that my ex can still show me love the way he did recently in the club and we are making preparation on getting married… it just still like a dream to me up till now i still feel like i’m dreaming that i really have my love back within four days after leaving each other for almost a year….i will keep on you to everyone..for help thanks to Dr Ekaka.


    Thanks a lot! Much obliged

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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