I am looking for a professional who develops hyper casual games for mobile

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    I love mobile video games and the idea of ​​designing my own mobile game has occurred to me, I am not a designer nor do I have a minimal notion of how to do it, so that is why I am looking for good designers to help me design my mobile video game, the The main detail that I am looking for in the game is that it be hypercasual, that is, the typical games that one plays on the mobile to pass the time or de-stress without much history. Does anyone have an idea who can develop this mobile game for me?


    I think if you start working on a project, then you need to complete it to the end, but not all people succeed, so helpers are needed. I’m building the game now, and three times I gave up on it, and then I return to it again and again it doesn’t work, but I’m stubborn and won’t calm down until I find a solution. On the Internet, I am advised by various programs, but none of them can cope with my project. I know that a good programmer will be able to cope with this task, but finding such helpers on the Internet is not easy…


    I would advise you to come up with the concept of such a game first , it would be easier for a programmer to write code for it then . And so, in general, I think that you will find a performer faster if you place an ad on the stock exchange


    casual games are so entertaining, I guess that’s why they are so popular, when you create the game, post it back here so we can play it, I’m very intrigued to know what the game you make will be like, you can create it right here https://kevurugames.com/game-development/hyper-casual-game-development-services/ they will help you perfectly with it development of the game, you only have to give him the instructions and your idea


    casual mobile games are always top downloads, why? I suppose it must be because they are played by both children and the elderly, I mean, who doesn’t like at least 1 game of this type? they are even de-stressing, some others are a challenge, there are so many things that I understand the reason for its popularity, I hope you can find a good developer soon so you can create it as soon as possible, when you do, send me a message, so I can play it!


    As for relieving stress, I don’t really agree, everything is quite situational here, because games have different concepts and ideas, so they can be radically different from their competitors. I may be wrong, but it seems to me that everything is true.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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