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    Hi. Recently looking for an animation agency as I need to make a couple of 2D videos, any tips? I’m getting ready to open my restaurant. Do you think creating a promo video is a good idea? I would like it to be memorable for my future clients.


    Hi. Creating a 2D video is a long and hard job that can take several days. In addition, it requires extraordinary persistence. I don’t advise anyone to waste time creating 2D videos if you don’t intend to do it in the future. It’s better to get quote for animated video and at first I didn’t think it was worth that much money. However, after a while it paid off and my investment paid off.


    Hey, this is an interesting topic and an interesting answer. There have been a lot of questions like this lately. It’s good when structured information on this topic comes out.


    I think this is a great idea! After all, a promo video today, this is one of the most effective tools for business, which helps successful companies convert visitors to the site into customers. But it’s important to do it right and of high quality. As for me, I was guided in the creation of such video content by the advice from a reputable service. Therefore, I recommend you to go to the weblink and study the material in great detail before you get down to work. It will allow you to avoid mistakes and to do everything at the highest level.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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