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    I’m a Leo woman who fell in love with a married cancer man.  Yes he’s been married to a Scorpio woman for 30 years.  He says he knows she doesn’t lobe him that she hasn’t for years.  We have have enjoyed each other emmensely! In so many ways. We’ve talked about our future and how we want to be together.  He’s told me he loves me. He’s said he was going to break the news to her.  He talks to her then the says he’s working on it. We talk about moving in together. We have passionate sex and I can see it in his eyes…he loves me.i don’t hear from him the next day.  When I text him, he says he told wife about affair, didn’t tell her who.  That it’s not my fault, nothing I did.  But he’s going to try to sabe his marriage! I am so heart broken.  I keep thinking he’s going to change his mind.  Surely, wouldn’t he want to spend the rest of his life with a vibrant Leo who loves him?

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