What other signs make the greatest romantic match with Leo?

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    Sharing personal experiences (as Leos, or not) with other signs, focusing on what worked best, and what was most positive.


    Thank you 🙂

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    “By the book” in astrology, I have heard that Sagitarius, and Libra go well with Leo’s.  What are peoples thoughts on this? Am I missing a sign that is very romantically compatible with Leo?


    i thnk taurus go best with leo as far as romantic compatibility is concernd


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    Pelirojo– Sagitarius does go well with us.  What we like and actually dislike about them is that they are pretty tame, which can be boring sometimes.  Think of us like lions, when we are on the hunt we like our pray to squirm a bit…Sagitarius just totally 100% give in to us.  If you are okay with that and do not require much of a challenge this would be a great match.  Also Libras are not good signs for us as they are passive and indecisive.  We typically do not naturally flock to their charisma.  Perhaps you find this person “physically” attractive.


    leoash..taurus, really?  I dated one.  I think in the beginning I liked him but for some reason he never measured up to my superior likes.


    Here’s my two cents on who we like:

    Disclaimer: I am a leo woman soo im not sure if it’s the same for a leo man. 

    1). Gemini– the mystery and the charm makes you drool for this man.  It is also what makes you want to pull out every strand of your hair one by one.  We get frustrated by Gemini because they are in fact the only sign that we tend to gravitate towards that we cannot put them in a box. They remind me of a silly Jack-N-Box.  We try to pounce on top of the box and we think we have them so we stop holding down the box and then the Jack sprouts out the box again.  This is very frustating for Leo.  Our best thing is to ignore the Jack-N-Box and go play with something else.  He will then come out and greet you, when he’s ready.  Again, this is frustrating.  But for some reason we love love love the gemini.  Not sure why, but we in fact would give them the most care, affection, attention.  Almost as if we were serving a child or baby.  The Gemini can mean that much to us.  Just remember to not voice how excessively you want the Gemini and dont mention love.  If in sex you mention love, just tell the Gemini that you love them in that moment.  They will feel much more secure that you are not taking away their independence and you are living in the moment.  This is the heart of a Gemini–wanting/needing Independence, in the moment, and fun.

    2). Leo– only problem here is who has the bigger ego and who gets the most attention. Great thing as we are natural leaders and solvers, with two Leo’s, you could probably cure cancer haha.

    3). Sagitarius or Aries (for some reason they are in the same boat as their failure to keep us is about the same)  I tend to get bored with them and they are not a challenge

    5). Virgo (very easy sign to get along with– I like the ease of this sign.  One would think you would get bored quickly but with virgo they are always on board for your excitement.  If you say, hey i want to do this, Virgo will say yes and even help with figuring out the details.  I like this sign.


    As a libra woman with a leo man (of 10 years and still going strong!), I have to say I think our compatability is PERFECT!!

    I can see how different leos and libras could NOT match as well as we do, and I don’t know much about libra MEN…..I know I wouldn’t want one!! LOL

    But the passive and indecisiveness that you mentioned doesn’t bother my man one bit — I think it complements his pushy, take-charge nature, and I’m actually grateful to have someone FINALLY tell me what the best choice is!! Haha!

    And my leo said he was instantly attracted to my “charisma”, my nature — as a libra, I’m quieter and reserved, and he loved the mystery of that.  And what you might take as “passive” could be more “receptive”…..you see, I am waiting to receive what his actions tell me he wants.  He LOVES that, because he’s always the center of my attention!  And remember about libras, we are constantly assessing what our partner needs to be happy and trying to give that to them.   So we are undaunted by leo’s huge displays of drama — if he needs to do that, that’s fine with me! LOL   Also, my libra nature allows me to accept many of the difficult things about a leo because I can see that he has a wonderful heart, and can’t really help himself.

    There are times that I’m angry or irritated, but my libra-sense of harmony won’t allow me to yell or fight about it…..I either let it go, because it’s not important, OR I withdraw from him until he is ready to ask me why I’m upset.  Then we can talk about it without him feeling criticized or attacked (which I would NEVER do to him!!).


    So don’t discount the libra-leo match!  I’m not sure how it would be for leo women and libra men, but I think with a basis of love and real CARING for eachother, it can be one of the best matches!! 🙂


    By far the BEST match for the Leo woman is a Taurus man. No one can make a Lioness feel any better than a Bull! The fire between them is unmatched in any world. The love is strong and almost unheard of. I have been with my Taurus for just over a year, I wished we had met sooner, so we could have loved longer, its incrediable.


    Virgo. Aries and other Leo’s burn hott too but burn cold quickly 

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    By far a libra woman!!

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    By far a libra woman!!


    Cancer man is also best for leo woman. Dont know ’bout the opposite though



     I love tis cancerr man I am with I am july leo and he  is injuly also we are both sensitive but u know fellow leos I just want to say a few words abour Aries the are no good beware of the men and the women because they are not real they are self centered individuals that prey on anyone they can con they are very good mani pulation they want to be the center of attention I do not know why they would say these people are our match weird


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    cancer man….ewwww too moody


    for me, its a fellow leo.

    im a leo woman, and im reallly stubborn, hard headed and i have such a huge ego.its really hard to tie me down.for i dont just accept my faults easily.i will try to find a reason or prove to everyone that im right. thats a leo for ya.haha 😛

    so, in order to make me follow, and bow down, is a man who is strong enough to make me believe and follow him.we leos, hate guys who are weak. we need strong,smart,passionate guys with a lot of character.

    which,is from my experience, another leo.

    it was the most moving relationships ive ever had and the most dramatic of all.(since leos tends to be dramatic of everything.hahaha :))


    I speak as a Leo sun, Leo rising and Leo mercury with Venus in Cancer and Moon in Libra (i’m a female) and please please please don’t take it personally:

    • Aries: uh boring.. They flock around me, I don’t find them intriguing or intellectual enough.
    • Taurus: never been attracted to one
    • Gemini: I LOVE THEM! They are by far one of the few signs that could never bore me out. I could never dislike a Gemini and pretty much forgive them for anything because they genuinly have good intentions. 
    • Cancers: ewwwww… (no more comments) 
    • Leo: never been attracted to a leo man and I think it’s because I’m not really what they want in a female. Leo men want a submissive little feminine girly-girl and a Lioness is far from being like that. 
    • Virgo: they are gems. They seriously complement Leos and are cool and calm. But they are very supportive and want the best for their partners.
    • Libra: we are suppose to match but I don’t find them interesting enough to really care
    • Scorpio: One of Leo’s absolute BEST MATCH. read and wheep. Scorpio reciprocates our loyalty and they are strong mentally and physically which is why Leos like them. They could be our equals but in the “darker side”. 
    • Sagittarius: fun times, but that’s about it. Sagittarius men have the swag that will ultimatly make us like them. But it stops right there. 
    • Capricorn: We’re not supposed to match but I’ve met few Capricorns that I didn’t like. They are different from Leos but they can work together and cooperate. They’re also good for long term commitements for Leos. (there are countless of long lasting Capricorn-Leo couples out there).
    • Aquarius: this is by far Leo’s best match, sexually, mentally, emotionally etc.. If only Aquarius could realize it sooner and start believing in Love. Aquarius and Leos are opposite signs but they are two sides of the same coin. 
    • Pisces: they are attractive but not relationship material for a Leo. Sorry. That’s the truth. 

    Well, that’s about it for me.

    I also look at the 7th house, 11th house and 5th house etc.

    The greatest “romantic match” for a Leo is Scorpio, Aquarius, Capricorn and Gemini. 


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