What other signs make the greatest romantic match with Leo?

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    HI guys, I curious as to why Pisces are not relationship material for us Leo women. I had this Pisces man in my life on and off for 21yrs, he won’t give up  chasing me but he won’t commit either. Please help share some light on my situation.


    I thought a Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius were the most compatible. However, the AAries is only good for a hot affair. The Sagittarius won’t settle down to save his life. The Leo male is too self-centered but will lavish you in gifts 


    Aries- dated one.cool but lots of fights.
    Taurus-Never dated any.too slow for my burning fire and too materialistic(love idealists more)
    Gemini-dated one.very explosive match,Best conversations,poor emotional understanding,love these girl’s wit
    Cancer-Never dates any.motivate us,offer us emotional balance,too sensitive for our carefree nature
    Leo-Ma bestfrnd.We understand each other,nice match if you get the right one
    Virgo-Ma current gf.Different from us,they offer what we miss,while we concentrate on bigger picture they concentrate on details Nice match only if you get the right one
    Libra-Dated one.Funny,intelligent,want to please.They always look for what you want to provide it.Nice match to some extent mostly as a friend only
    Scorpio-Dated one.Deep and want to committ fast which can turn some leos off.They have lots of love and emotions but have trouble expressing them.
    Saggitarius-Never dated any.Instant attraction and chemistry but that’s were it stop,if it progress from there cool.
    Capricon-I have respect for them but can’t date them
    Aquarius-Never date any.exact opposite of us,could super work or could super not work
    Pisces-Dated one.sensual,sweet,go with a flow,indecisive regarding their emotion since they embrace all signs coming before it

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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