Capricorn woman needs help with her Pisces EX!

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    Hello, I’m a capricorn woman for starters. I’m 21 and in college.

    Me and my Pisces have been back and forth for a year and some change now. We just recently stopped talking for a month now over some stupid argument. I know for a fact he was the happiest when he was with me, but he wasn’t fully ready to settle down and commit, and me being a Capricorn, I knew that. So I broke up with him and we tried the friend thing but feelings were still there obviously and we argued more than ever. So over the summer, before I left for school we got kinda close again. I was there for him through his breakup with the “rebound” girl he dated after me. But when I went off to school, he reached out to me for help. I couldn’t help him at the time, but when I returned his call he told me he was with the rebound girl and didn’t need my help since I’m an hour away and couldn’t help him anyways. I was hurt by this and I sent him a text message telling him I was mad.


    Well he called me, but I was so mad that I didn’t answer. Then he sent a mean text message telling me that I should grow up and to get out of his life if I couldn’t handle the way he “copes” with things. So I ignored that message and then he sent me a grand finale message saying that he needs a strong woman and not some weak woman like me who is always emotional. He said that since I have a fresh start in college I should find someone else because he is not the one for me and that if I leave him alone he will leave me alone forever. Well, my stubbornness would not allow me to reply to that MEAN text message so it’s actually been a month since the two of us has exchanged words.


    I still refuse to say anything to him, because he is the one who said the mean words. All I want is an apology. I thought Capricorns and Pisces were supposed to be super compatible, why is he so mean to me?! Why is he treating me like this? He used to love me, I know it. And I believe he still does, but very very stubborn. He’s a LEO moon if that counts for anything. And my moon is ARIES


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    soooo we are but only because piscis become what ever our partner wants and have the ability to withstand a lot of bs…. but once we moved on to someone else we can b pretty mean since our interest isnt there or as strong and to b honest if we have feelings for u there can only b all or nothing cause we will never see u as just friends unless we dont care….. then we will treat u as just that friends….. i also feel that when he told u the distance thing he wasnt being mean and just being frank….. and he whent out of his way to hurt u its prob cus it was long time coming… we tend to not b confrontationall so yeah….. and about u not talking to him if u no longer want to b freinds then ur on the right track but if u want him back as a friend u cant come with demands for he must b hurt if hes lashing out


    I am guessing your ex Pisces bf is still so in love with you. I can see my self in him. 

    When he called you asking for help. That was actually a cry for help. We Pisces have our pride and before we put our selves in situations where we tend to look so helpless, there has got to be a  compelling reason why we should.

    He, I think probably missed you so much. But then He felt rejected because you did not reply. He was hurt by your lack of attention and the only way he can get your attention is to hurt you back in return.


    you should apologize…i am shure that he will not reject your apology



    just apolagise

    i have found that whenever i get in a fight its because i feel strongly about that person but the feeling of rejection got the better of me

    she apoligised and we became good friends


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