Doubt is holding me back, Capricorn male

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    I smack my lips and roll my eyes when I say “Capricorn male”. I have one for a best friend and he always has nasty stuff to say about the men I date, even this other Capricorn (Capy) guy.   

    Problem: This Capy and I met 7 months ago and were instant friends. He just broke up with his girlfriend of 4 years who he was ready to propose to. He would invite me to go salsa dancing with him and his friends and one day I accepted but made sure he knew that it was ‘as friends’ because he is Mexican and rumors etc…. It was so fun and we kept doing it and hanging out even more, alone.  Then one day we kissed and it seemed that I met the perfect man for me. I can tell him what I think even when I know he will not like to hear what I say and him the same. Shortly after dating he said that he had feelings.  I wasn’t ready for serious talks so I avoided it as much as I could but he forced the topic and said that he was moving back to Mexico and couldn’t have any relationships. I cried. It felt like a bait and switch. Like I was dating a serious guy but he was just out having fun.  So now I am struggling with lovers to friends and it gets confusing when we were hanging out as friends but he doesn’t leave when it is time to part. He gives me that lusty look and things get carried away. When I tell him that it makes me feel attached to him and confused about our relationship he tells me that I am too sensitive. So I decide that he is just ‘holding me back’ I ignore him and just carry on with my life and he starts bringing me chocolate. When he sees me out dancing with other people he seems jealous, saying bad stuff about the guy I was dancing with. When I finally stopped giving him the cold shoulder he gets excited when he sees me and tried to come talk to me. My friends say different things and I feel like he is playing games. I am trying to date but my heart is not into it. I have eyes just for him.

    Little things he says make me believe that he is confused or unsure of what to do.  He IS in a difficult situation and he says that he always feels better after talking to me. Also, he was insecure about dating me from the start because he kept reminding me that he was not tall or rich like my past boyfriends. I tried reassuring him by pointing all the things I love about him. Logically, I should move on but I still yearn for him.  Do I continue to try and get him out of my system?

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