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    Okay, I’m a Pisces and my bf Josh is a Scorpio. We have broken up 3 times and yet we still have gotten back together. My question is why do relationships between these two zodiacs work out so well cause I can never get mad at him and he can never get mad at me we love each other dearly. Our love is still a mystery to us we have been together for a awhile now.


    I’m a Piscean who was involved with a Scorpio, this man pushed all the right buttons with me, passionate, caring, creative and my best friend ever. Unfortunately even though I was aware of a history of violence I persued the relationship thinking that it would never happen to us/me. Of course I was very wrong and had to make a hasty exit. I will never forget this man, he is delicious in so many ways, if only he was not so flawed. I have just been abroad and by chance met another Scorpio, strange how these two signs seek each other out amongst thousands of people, but alas, he lives thousands of miles away, so it will probably only be a memory of a nice holiday romance.

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    its been five years since he left me w/ all questions “WHY?” but now his back knowing that i’m single again for almost one year. He open up all the reasons why he left and still saying that he loves me and that love never fade though his w/ other girl way back 3years.. if I will give him a chance it will be our 3rd time together(if ever), i can’t feel the same way right now, but I cares for him and I dont know if I LOVE HIM..

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    hi im scorpio man, who was involved with pisces woman for 2and half years, i loved her so much, but she cheated me by saying lies to me. So, scorpian should not involved with pisces neither boy or girl. Im going to take my revengewith pisces woman and aquarius man. Scorpians….
    …….! Beware of dogs(pisces woman).


    I am  a pisces woman inlove a Scorpio man, he is the best!! caring and loving man ever, he does just about anything for me.. and he makes me feel like a woman even when its *dark outside…. lol!!! he is the best lover!!  So Pisces women do try Scorpio man..ohh another thing they are very Faithful!

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    I met a Scorpio guy 3 weeks ago. Across a crowded club floor with deafening music I saw this man and he owned all my attention – I marched right up to him and kissed him lol. The rest of the night I was on my own mission…

    A week later, also a friday night, same place he was there again, this time he was sober lol, I didn’t give him my number but he got it from a friend he saw talking to me as he was looking for me later and couldn’t find me.

    He contacted me, asked me to meet him for a drink. 1 hour into the ‘date’ he says he wants to see me again. But the date was cut short about 45 minutes later and I can’t remember exactly what the reason was.

    Now I’ve tried to make conversation with him 3 times since the date a week ago and I get one liners back!?! I feel like I’m harassing him now haha. WTF.

    I’m so confused. The instant attraction I felt for this man was and is undescribable. And I’m sure it was mutual, I mean why pursue me unless he was intersted. Now he’s quiet and aloof. Go figure, I’m as confused as a chameleon on a smartie box.



    I’vebeen with a Scorpio man for about 6 months and we have broken up and made up about. 4 times now . Never for more than a week have we stayed broken up. I dont understand why I can’t seem to stay mad at this man . I dont want us to break up but I don’t get why breaking up with him never works no matter what was said.



    I am a Pisces woman and from the moment I walked into the pub I could feel this man gazing at me…he happened to ne a scorpion. As I danced the night away I could still sense this man’s emotions. I went outside for some fresh air and he followed. This.scorpion man started talking to me and before we knew it we kissed……instantly attracted to each other. We talked and swapped numbers and we have been talking ever since. He is devoted and honest, sexy and he’s my scorPion man


    The sexual and spiritual chemistry between scorpion men and piscean women (at least in my experience) is BEYOND this WORLD. I am a piscean woman and I remember cuddling with a Scorpion man…. I never felt anything like it but…I could actually FEEL his energy from his body coming into my body as he hugged me from behind and us just laying there…it was the weirdest yet the most intense and strangest feeling I have ever felt with anyone! We don’t talk any more though… maybe I should holla at him though because I am single. He has two kids though. Hmm what to do but dream and wonder huh?


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