Will my pisces male come back?

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    So I met this pisces man last year and ever since we clicked and connected the instant. I am a capricorn and cancer moon sign so eventually I opened up all my fears and deep feelings which is overwhelming but I guess that made me fall in love. Long story short our relationship was always good through ups and downs we still spoke literally everyday. I got pregnant and had to have an abortion after, it got to him perhaps more than me. he was very depressed and I could tell. We had minor setbacks before where we didnt talk for a week or so but he always came running back however we had a pretty bad argument about our sex life (he told me to fuck somebody else if i feel a type of way etc) where he just ended things and told me he still loves me and hopes i have a good life and BOOM i was blocked off of everything. Boy when i mean my heart is . especially after what we’ve been through.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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