Getting a Saggitarius girl back

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    Recently broke up with a fantastic sagittarius girl. Had issues with long distance and some other non-relationship related circumstance over the past 12 months that didn’t allow us to actually enjoy our time together – some my fault, some hers.

    She now says she never wants to see or talk to me ever again and that as we are not together there is no point keeping any form of contact. I am blocked on everything. She says she hurts, and misses me when we don’t contact each other and that she has fallen out of love and needs us to not contact each other in order for her to get over it.

    I do love her and we were thinking about marriage. I became quite jealous and possessive these past months because she was in another country and i realise sags need their space and autonomy.

    I don’t believe we didn’t work or weren’t compatible. We just really had some bad luck with things (believe me, we did). Are there any sagg girls out there who could offer advice on how to (a) get her to talk to me again and (b) i want us to try again in the future when we are both stable and secure in our lives and ourselves – how does a guy (libra) go about at least giving it a good chance of happening. I know Saggs find it easy to move on and are very very strongwilled and stubborn but they are human. If you have any tips or advice, would be much appreciated.

    Thank you



    I’m a sag girl and my boyfriend (taurus) and I just broke up as we just hit a rut and he didnt know what he wanted, so I left. Now he says he knows he wants me and is 100% sure and committed. But I feel its too late as I have made up my mind to be happy and move on. I do still love him very much, but feel I cant just take him back after all of this. If he were to really really try and put out all the stops, and convince me that he is 100% sure he wants to be with me, then I would take him back. We’ve been together for 3 years, we’re at a stage where marriage should be on the cards, but he wasn’t sure he wanted that, and for me, thats instant termination of the relationship. However I always thought he was my soul mate and would have done anything for him. I just feel like its too late now 🙁 He has said many words to me confessing his undying love, but I need actions. I want him to be confident and pursue me, even if it is over board, I dont care. He needs to grow some balls and ACT, fast before I lose patience. Sagg’s can get bored quickly and make drastic changes to ensure happiness. I know he is ‘respecting me by giving me space’, but I really dont have patience for that and can’t force him to act dramatically to win me back. If its meant to be, it will be. I hope that helps!! 😉


    We Sagittarians are very non-comittal, Not that we don’t love our significant other; It’s just a fact that we are afraid of losing our independence and freedom. Don’t mean any disrespect. I speak only on my behalf of myself which I am a TRUE SAGITTARIAN. Best of wishes.


    As a Sadge lady myself, I would say give her loads of space and back off. She might be willing to take a look at you again, but most likely way down the road. As you said you may both be at a better place in the future. If you are still thinking about her in the future; then casually approach her, just as friends. It may take her awhile to start thinking of you romantically again, and she may be weary to jump into a relationship quickly. Meanwhile I say go out, explore other relationships and get some good experiences!


    do not chase, just keep contact. respect her individuality, need for space, and independence. Sagi-Libran pair should have a great compatibility…what do you appreciate in her, let her know. 

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