Sagittari man had mind blowing supernatural sex with an Aqua girl! Is it just me?

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    Ok, here’s the thing Sagittari men, like most of us, I too have had a wealth of experience with exploring my sexual desires with the opposite sex (some of those experiences I wish I could “un-see or un-experience”). In the bedroom, I know how to handle myself and I leave my mark very well respected, known and remembered. And as always, SHE is the one left there wanting more. Until……I met this Aqua girl!!!!!!! HOLY SH!T !!!!!! It was as if being with this Aqua lady, I was brought closer to my inner animalistic beast. This otherworldly sexy creature had my toes twisted into little preztels, following her around like a puppy! So I ask, Is it just me? Or is the Aqua Girl our Sexual Soulmate? Leave your comment, let me hear what you think. 

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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