Are Scorpio’s ignorant?

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    Do you guys believe that scorpio’s are ignorant people? I am jus wondering because, majority of the time, people tell me that Scorpio’s are ignorant.


    Are we?



    yes..true in many ways…and there are reasons why…however..however..that changes hopefully once one understand they need to wise up..this world is strange very strange…Wise Up Scorpio chick…read my other posts to help you.   Also see if you or anyone else can answer me this question that I have….Why is the Scorpio sign and the Virgo sign so similar??  why? why? and then the Libra sign in the middle? Libra being balance and all… I am curious about this…Also personally I believe that we are more than just 12 western zodiac signs..see the cosmos…there are many many constellations…what about those? exactly    mayan astrology…chinese astrology..I wonder what the Egyptians did or the Babylonians…the chinese with the elements of water..air..metal..wood..etc etc and then the positive negative ying yang stuff …I am not smart enough to know this..wish I was…   so you see amazing realities!


    Scorpio never really likes to ignore people it’s not there thing, they must have a reason you must hurt there feeling in some sort of way, they always have good reason for being ignorant, in fact they hate ignoring it’s just not them, but if they do it could be something to do with themselves, other problem they are facing, they tend to ignore if they are upset, or you could say they do ignore you I guess if you are not close with them sometimes, your either close with them or your not in there life to be honnest.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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