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    Need some advice on scorpio man. 

     I’m a Taurus. A few months ago I  met a scorpio and we both knew the attraction was there instantly for both of us. I knew that we had seen each other before at the club, and he admitted to me that he had been watching me since a long time and that he likes me and thinks i’m a beautiful woman. We danced all night, and at the end of the evening, he wanted to be with me and suggested about going to a motel. I declined his proposal and told him that i felt i didn’t really know him and wasn’t ready to jump into bed with him. he said it was ok. and that he understood, and suggested that we exchange phone nos. we spoke a few times on the phone, then he stopped calling and became distant.  One evening in December i went to the club purposely to have a talk with him to clear the air, because i didn’t want him to feel that i rejected him. we had a long talk and said he understood that i’m a good woman. another 5 weeks went by, and he still did not call (so i deleted his number from my phone).  In February, i went to the club with my friend, and i completely ignored him, but he approached me in a warmly manner, and asked me why i never called him and wanted to know if i still had his number, i said no, and he was dissappointed and insisted on giving me his number again.  I know there’s a strong magnetic physical attraction between us, but i’m scared to be hurt. i don’t really know what’s on his mind – if after he gets what he wants, he will he dump me – and if he does, i will feel uncomfortable to face him when i go to the club again.  I’m sort of confused, because when we see each other at the club, we have a good connection, then he says i’ll call u tomorrow, and he doesn’t.  I read a lot about scorpio men that they like playing mind games and testing the woman.  But what is the reason behind it?  I don’t understand what is he testing?  

    Can anyone give me some advice on my story.



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    As matter of fact the scorp man like you but he is not sure that u like him the way he does feel about you , I am dating scorp man and i was also dating scorp man before as welll ALLL THEY WANT IS UNDIVIDED ATTENTION TO THEM. try to call him once and see how it work with him,   when u see him again  if he say that he will call u say ok,  after two days  call him up and  say you are just checking on him, what i feel he is intrested but  as you are not responding back he feels that you are not intrested  as if you are blowing him of. scorpi are amazing  but can sometimes get on ur nerve if they falll for u  they will take time to let go 


    A thing about scorpios, ‘they do, what they feel like doing at the moment’. I am a scorpio myself, and i know that people find it hard to understand us, the reason being, ‘We change quickly’ or atleast tend to appear so. Scorpios are very sensitive and yet they do everything they can, to hide their emotions. Because, we feel being emotional makes us weak, and we hate to be so. A scorpio man thinks in all possible directions, when it concerns to some one he likes. if we feel, calling you on  a frequent basis could make us weak, or could effect our relationship, we would stop. Our minds are complicated than you think. Here, in your case, this guy is into you but he is still on the process of building a path for a successful relationship between you both. This might be wierd, but it’s true. A scorpio is the most loyal partner you could wish for. Could be jealous, at times but loyal.

    Hope this answer is still valid for your situation 🙂


    I have known this guy who is a Scorpio. I am an Aquarius. We were business partners for almost 2 years. One day he skypes me and asks if I was available. We exchanged email addresses etc & chatted on the social network for about 3 months. He did tell me he had just broke off with his girl friend few months earlier. He had intentions of studying abroad and said he wanted to meet me in person before his transit flight and “see how the flow goes…” He never did come but we still continued to chat. He called me once on skype and we spoke for awhile. I had earlier told him of my feelings towards him coz he said that age didnt matter to him (he is much younger then me!). Then about 3 months ago he blocked me and I asked him why? He smsed me to say that we wanted to concentrate in his business & career. I found out later that he is going out with another female from the social network! It really hurts me to see him with her in the photos these days. I sent him a long message on skype recently to tell him how I felt…. It hurts so much even today..

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